I honestly think this is the greatest gif of all time.


I honestly think this is the greatest gif of all time.

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Wave that Canadian poncho proudly!

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when someone spoils something for you

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November 21: Catching Fire

August 25: I met Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in one of the single greatest moments of my life.

August 15: I received news that I’d been waiting for for a really long time. It made me feel better about life.

July 22: Springsteen & I comes out — marking my big screen debut

June 13: I receive an e-mail that Bruce Springsteen has seen Springsteen & I. My life is made.

(Generally I had the best summer of my life — I read 25 books — but these are some highlighted dates)

May 27: Mumford and Sons

May 25: First ever sister trip — destination: Portland, Oregon. I also had a religious experience with a Voodoo Donut.

April 30: I visited the African Union.

April 29: My first ever professional interview with a diplomat.

April 28: Watch my first ever Ethiopian sunrise.

April 27: Arrived in Addis Ababa.

March 27: Finished my research proposal for Ethiopia — the biggest academic challenge of my university career

I also had my favourite day at UBC in 5 years — listening to Bruce in the sun on the grass with no stress or pressure.

February 23: Humanity Strikes Back — my last Red Cross workshop facilitation to high school students :’)

January 13: I booked my flight to Ethiopia

Here’s to 2014: Hopefully it’s full of an even longer list of amazing days.

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